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Recommended by Maria José Casa

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Kirstin O´Donovan is a Productivity Coach, helping individuals who struggle with time-management, organization and procrastination to achieve their goals and gain control over their time. She helps you to alleviate stress, be more productive, empowered and have more time to do what you want. She helps give you direction, stretches you out of your comfort zone, pointing out your blind spots and helping you to overcome your obstacles.
email: telephone: 697 487 940

"Kirstin is a very positive and intuitive person. She has helped me to overcome difficulties in very different aspects in my life. When I started working with her, I felt depressed, insecure and confused. I used to see everything negatively. Since my first session she has been an incredible help in my lifestyle. I would really recommend her to anyone for whatever reason, working or personal" (MJC, Jan 2012)

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