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Spanish Schools - Torrevieja

In this section is a list of Spanish schools in Torrevieja. Please note we have tried to list all schools and unlike the remainder of our site most of these don't come with a personal recommendation. Where possible we have tried to include parent's comments. If your child attends a school in this area we would love to hear your thoughts. Likewise if there are any schools missing from the list please do let us know

Spanish Schools - Torrevieja

Primary Schools in Torrevieja

CEIP V. del Carmen
C/ Tabarca s/n Tel: 966706353

CEIP Inmaculada
C/ Orihuela, 69 Tel: 965710888

C/ Maestro Casanovas, 4 Tel: 965710269

CEIP El Acequion
Avda. Barcelona s/n Tel: 965714604

CEIP S. Ruso
C/ Maestro José Pérez s/n Tel: 965716278

CEI G. Baches
C/ Salinero s/n Tel: 965717307

CEIP R. Ballester
Urbanización Los Altos Tel: 966707421

CEIP Nª.Sª. Rosario
C/ Maite Pagazaurtundua Ruiz s/n Tel: 966925580

CEIP Las Culturas
C/ Otoño s/n. Torreta III Tel: 965704058

CEIP Habaneras
Avda. Delfina Viudes 93 Tel: 966700252

CEIP C. del Mar
Avda. Nenúfares s/n (Torreta II) Tel: 965714032

CEIP Amanecer
Avda. Don Juan de Austria s/n Tel: 965710800

CEIP Nº 13
Avda. Nenúfares s/n (Torreta II) Tel: 965707621

Centro Concertado La Purísima
C/ Alborán, s/n Tel: 965710102

Secondary Schools

I.E.S. la Laguna
Av. Cortes Valencianas, s/n 03180 Torrevieja

I.E.S. Nº 3 Mare Nostrum
Av. Delfina Viudes, s/n 03183 Torrevieja

I.E.S. Nº 1 Libertas
Urb. Aguas Nuevas, s/n 03180 Torrevieja

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